Kelly CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology ETF

Measures the performance of companies that specialize in CRISPR & DNA modification systems, and technologies, for variety of applications including basic biological research, development of biotechnological products, and treatment of diseases as well as next-generation sequencing that may be used at various stages of a genome editing workflow.

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Kelly Hotel & Lodging Sector ETF

Measures the performance of companies that specialize in providing hotel, motel, lodging, residential, and/or timeshare properties management services, operational services, including lodging platform services (e.g., global marketplaces for private accommodations) and companies that own or lease hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, timeshare properties.

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Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate ETF

Measures the performance of companies that specialize in operations, management, and real estate of single-family home rentals, apartment buildings, student housing, and manufactured homes.

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About Us

Kelly ETFs strives to create disruptive exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that offers investors the opportunity to capture highly liquid, pure-play exposure to the best-in-class companies identified in each emerging theme or sector, regardless of geographical location. Based in Denver, the team is committed to building investment products with exposure to the world’s most transformative companies and industries.

Our Team

Kevin Kelly

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

At Kelly ETFs, Kevin is responsible for ETF product design, structuring, managing retail and institutional investment research, and capital markets. Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Kelly Intelligence, an investment management and intelligence firm that seeks to bring cutting-edge products, with forward-looking exposure. Its growing suite of indexes provide highly liquid, pure-play access to innovative business models, emerging industries, and disruptive technologies. He also serves as the CEO of Kelly Benchmark Indexes the index provider, and sponsor, of the SRVR and INDS ETFs which have over $2 billion.

In September 2014, Nasdaq named Kevin an ‘ETF Insider,’ and he is a recognized leader in ETF design, distribution and growth with his extensive track record of launching multi-billion dollar ETFs. Kevin’s thought leadership on markets, derivatives, e-commerce, and technology can be found weekly in top media outlets.

Previously, Kevin founded Recon Capital where he served as the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of affiliated funds. He is most notably known as the creator of the Nasdaq 100 Covered Call ETF (QYLD), one of the largest options ETFs. He created the BXNT index (CBOE NASDAQ 100 BuyWrite V2 Index) it currently tracks, alongside CBOE and Nasdaq, by changing the option component for real world application. Kevin led the initial public offering of the NYSE: EGIF closed-end fund after creating a custom options strategy for the portfolio. He previously worked for Goldman Sachs in the investment management division and Deutsche Bank’s debt capital markets group in London.

Krista Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Krista is a recognized innovator and leader within the asset management industry. She oversees Kelly ETFs’ operations, marketing, and distribution. She is currently the CMO of Kelly Benchmark Indexes where she was responsible for day-to-day operations of the firm and the timely execution of key business marketing initiatives for the SRVR and INDS Indexes. She is also in charge of education and investor outreach efforts, including business development among investment advisors, financial planners, investment counselors and family offices. Under her leadership, fund complexes tracking the strategies grew to over $2 billion in a few short years.

Additional Members: Cory Gossard, Marcie McVeigh

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An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of securities that can be bought or sold through a brokerage firm on a stock exchange. An ETF is an investment that’s built like a mutual fund—investing in potentially hundreds, sometimes thousands, of individual securities—but trades on an exchange throughout the day like a stock.

An ETF is similar to a mutual fund in that it offers investors a proportionate share in a pool of stocks, bonds, and other assets. It is most commonly structured as an open-end investment company, as are mutual funds, and is governed by the same regulations. Also, like a mutual fund, an ETF is required to post the marked-to-market net asset value of its portfolio at the end of each trading day.

ETFs are funds that trade on an exchange like a stock and are widely available on most online brokerage accounts and through financial advisors.

Kelly ETFs are currently available on a number of brokerage platforms. If you work with a financial planner, availability will depend on whether the Kelly ETFs are available by the adviser’s platform. Talk to your financial planner about adding Kelly ETFs to your portfolio as they can be easy to use, low cost, and tax efficient way to invest money.

There are many potential advantages to ETFs and some of the most popular are:

  • ETF typically have lower management fees as well as there are no sales load on ETFs. However, brokerage commissions do apply
  • ETFs can be bought or sold at any time of the day. Conversely, mutual funds settle after the market close
  • Potential Tax Efficiencies: Investors have better control over when they pay capital gains tax
  • Trading transactions: Because they are traded like stocks, investors can place a variety of types of orders such as limit orders, stop-loss orders, and buying on margin, which are not possible with mutual funds

ETFs can have potential drawbacks, including:

  • Trading costs: If you invest small amounts frequently, there may be lower-cost alternatives investing directly with a fund company in a no-load fund
  • Illiquidity: Some thinly traded ETFs have wide bid/ask spreads, which means investors could be buying at the high price of the spread and selling at the low price of the spread

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.

Before investing carefully consider a funds investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses contained in the prospectus available at KELLY ETFs. Read carefully before investing.

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